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Based out of North America, e-mediate Communications is redefining Customer Service. Our holistic approach extends to your end customers, business partners and company departments alike with the purpose of creating a one-of-a-kind Customer Experience. 


To help organizations create high-quality customer experiences through personable customer services and ecom support.


To redefine Customer Service through positive and personable interactions.


quick & consistent communication with your customer; proficient with Zendesk


gather information, evaluate products & details and process warranty claims


friendly & professional communication across social media channels

social media

support Distributors & Resellers with service and warranty assistance


provide Customer Support via Live Chat

live chat

manage and distribute replacement and spare parts

mail services

product repairs & servicing


tell us about your event, we'll assist you with creating high-quality Customer Experiences


provide measurable and meaningful data



e-mediate Communications is not a call Centre. We are real people who will use the phone to connect directly with your customers. 

tell us what you need

e-mediate Communications can customize Customer Service Solutions to ensure the best experience for you and your customers


Located in Squamish, BC., e-mediate Communications was founded in 2012 with the vision of a company renowned for its quality of Customer Support.  

Drawing on years of customer service experience, e-mediate set out to make its mark by showing companies what is possible: comprehensive customer support that is timely, personable and consistent. 

e-mediate's secret sauce is no secret at all: we are a team of unique, dedicated individuals who take pride in providing attentive, knowledgeable support. The result? High-quality experiences that drive customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and positively reflect the organization.  


e-mediate Communications consists of dynamic individuals who pride themselves in providing quality, personable customer experiences to customers around the world. 

If you'd be a great fit for our team, connect with us at

We are currently hiring for the following position(s): 

the e-mediate experience
the e-mediate experience

e-mediate Communications

PO Box 2480

Squamish, BC

V8B 0B6 Canada


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